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Do you own an iPod? Watch EPI's electroplating experiment at Sur/Fin 2008: copper plating an iPod.

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Founded in 1954, EPI is an award winning, leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of high quality chemicals for the metal plating and metal finishing industries. EPI also offers a wide variety of chemical cleaning, metal blackening (black oxide), antiquing, electroplating and rust prevention solutions. Among its many innovations, EPI is famous for developing custom metal cleaners, trivalent chromates, and alkaline non-cyanide and acid copper plating processes.
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EPI offers the industry's largest range of top quality, ISO-9001 certified chemicals which can be used in rack and barrel operations, including hundreds of metal plating and metal finishing options. Here's a sample of our expansive selection:

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Why buy from anyone else? EPI sets the standard for electroplating, metal finishing, and metal plating by offering:

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